Jim Braddock - aka Cinderella Man

You may recall the movie “Cinderella Man”, the film about the actual 1930s boxer Jim Braddock (played by Russell Crowe).  Braddock is asked “What are you fighting for?” and he answers “I fight for milk”.  You see, it was the great depression and Jim wasn’t fighting for respect, or sparring with any inner demons.   Nope – quite simply, he was fighting for milk for his kids.  Like so many others, he was battling poverty, despair, and shame.  The shadowy foes of the Depression that threatened to swallow his family whole.  He had a goal (to knock out his opponent) and a strategy (he was known for his powerful right hand, granite chin, and his amazing ability to comeback), but what set him apart from the rest?  He had a cause.  He needed to feed his family.

We have plenty of evidence that the most successful entrepreneurs are ones who start their business because they want to share something they love that will make a difference in the lives of others.  Walt Disney didn’t just want to make a theme park that would make him rich – No he wanted to build a place where families could go and have fun with fantasy – “We evolved by necessity. We did not sit down and say to ourselves, ‘How can we make a big pile of dough?’ It just happened.” —Walt Disney

So do you have a cause?  Maybe it is your love of the automobile that caused you to open an automotive repair shop.  Or maybe it is your love of woodworking that actually drives that hammer.  Whatever it is; have you shared it with your customers and/or your employees?  If not – Why not?

When we share our passion with the people we are doing business with it; it creates a bond of trust and they feel good about doing business with us.  They want us to succeed.  In the movie “Cinderella Man”; everyone wanted Jim to win not because he was a better boxer.  But because he was fighting for a cause – he was fighting for milk.